flexibility exercises for dancers

10 Top Stretches and Exercises to Improve Dance Flexibility

Dance flexibility is super important for all ballet dances, no matter their age. Here are a few simple flexibility exercises and stretches for dancers.
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how to measure your ballet shoes

How to Measure and Fit Ballet Shoes for Kids

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How to do plie squat

How to do the Plie Squat Correctly

If you aspire to be a ballet dancer, one exercise that can help you perform is the plie squat. Follow this guide to plie squats to do the exercise correctly.

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Simple Ballet Positions

Simple Ballet Positions Your Child Can Practice at Home

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Clean Ballet Shoes

How to Clean Ballet Shoes

When The Nutcracker is in season, the New York City Ballet troupe goes through over 500 pairs of ballet shoes! It's one thing to replace a well-loved pair of ballet shoes due...
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Ask Ballet Instructor

Top 6 Questions to Ask a Ballet Instructor Before Your Very First Lesson

Every year, tens of thousands of girls who have been learning ballet for years make the decision to move on rather than pursue a career as a professional ballerina. There...
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Keep Your Kids Dancing

How to Keep Your Kids Dancing During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Are your kids bored at home in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic? Here's how you can keep your kids dancing and entertained during the COVID-19 quarantine.
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Buy ballet shoes

Ballet Shoes: A Buying Guide

Considering buying a pair of ballet shoes and overwhelmed by the available choice online? Stelle have compiled a comprehensive ballet shoes buying guide that covers the topic from basics material, fit,...
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ballet benefits

Top 5 Benefits of Ballet

Dancing, especially ballet, is an excellent workout for your body. Combining dance and fitness effectively. Benefits of ballet to explore.
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