Dancing at home or in the studio at partial capacity are both ongoing challenges we are dealing with today and may continue to deal with for the rest of the school year. In a climate where we spend plenty of time Googling and scrolling through social media on the daily, we should ask ourselves why not make this time more worthwhile and find inspiration, or influencers, to grow our passion for dance. The biggest issue you will run into, is whether the content or material is good enough for you and your students. Need a little pick me up to get your creative mind going? Well, here are our Top 10 YouTube accounts for dance instructors to subscribe to today. Find the inspiration that you and your dance studio can enjoy beyond measure, and of course learn from.

#1- Mihran TV - 2.12 M Subscribers

Mihran TV provides current content from class videos to How To’s focusing on the commercial world of dance. Learn how to be a hip-hop dancer and then how to teach those moves to your students as well. You can work on your flexibility by following along with the series provided by Adison Briana on the channel as well. Stay tuned on this YouTube channel weekly for more videos. 

Content Includes:

  • Dance Tutorials
  • Class Videos
  • Dance Performances
  • Stretching and Yoga
  • How To’ s for tricks and break-dancing moves

#2 – PsycheTruth - 3.83 M Subscribers

While this channel is not solely focused on ballet or dance movement, it does bring importance to wellness. In order to be a strong dancer, your body needs to be taken care of. Tuning in to this channel will help with weight loss, pain relief, therapy movements, as well as yoga for beginners. It is important for dance instructors to be familiar with this type of practice, as the occasional rehearsal or class may require a self-care day.

Content Includes:

  • Wellness Plus
  • Yoga for weight loss
  • Power Yoga
  • Yoga for Beginners
  • Yoga for Pain Relief
  • Massage Therapy

#3- Auti Kamal - 327k Subscribers

Miss Auti is a highly successful digital creator for contemporary dance. During the time of COVID, she has grown her YouTube channel to 327 thousand subscribers all while uploading weekly instructional videos and more. Miss Auti is young, stylish and has a warm personality that inspires you to dance no matter the space you may or may not have. Miss Auti knows the newest trends and keeps her viewers in the loop with what is going on in the dance world every week with monthly features. She is a polished dancer with an apparent ballet background yet has style emphasis on contemporary dance. You can follow Auti Kamal on Instagram @missautio

Content Includes:

  • Weekly Dance Vlog
  • Monthly Choreography Videos
  • How To Videos
  • Follow Along Phrases
  • Tutorials
  • Current Trends in the Dance World
women dancewear


#4 - Claudia Dean World  - 244 k subscribers

Claudia Dean World YouTube channel has a fun and cor-key vibe. With her bright colors and different fonts added to her videos, she is adored by young teens and children who inspire to dance today and every day. Claudia Dean is a professional dancer from The Royal Ballet School and a Brand Ambassador for BLOCH. Today she provides content from tutorials, tips and hacks, to everything in between. This channel is targeted towards dance teachers who love to work with their students in a playful way. Learn creative tips and solutions for your students as you challenge them in lessons.

Content Includes:

  • Weekly Variation Classes
  • Ballet Barre Follow Along
  • Reviews of Dancewear
  • How To Videos
  • Tutorials for Makeup and Hair
  • Tips and Hacks

#5- Kathryn Morgan - 213k Subscribers

This channel ranges from ballet class with former New York City and Miami City Ballet Dancer Kathryn Morgan, to tips and hacks of the ballet world. With the occasional collaboration in her class videos, Morgan includes some great content that can be used in multiple settings. Whether you are teaching at home or in the studio, you will be able to utilize these videos and clips to boost your technique as well as your teaching style. You can also follow Kathryn on Instagram @Kathryn_morgan

Content Includes:

  • Beginner ballet workouts
  • Pointe Barre
  • Multi Level Ballet Classes
  • Workouts, Stretch Routine, and Pilates
  • Teaching Collaborations
  • Tips and Hacks

#6- Pacific Northwest Ballet - 131k Subscribers

PNB is a well-known company, and their YouTube channel features past productions and highlights their dancers and instructors over the years. You can find traditional footage, full-length ballet classes and variation clips for you to utilize in your everyday training or even bring to your students through your own set of classes. Be inspired by traditional performances and choreographers that have worked with PNB over the many years they have been around.

Content Includes:

  • Ballet Talks and Episodes
  • George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker footage
  • Videos of class Variations
  • Advanced Ballet Classes
  • Ballet Beautiful

#7- Beautiful Ballet - 154k Subscribers


Nicely organized, this Ballet channel covers a bit of everything when it comes to technique. You can find multiple sneak peek and trailers for longer videos provided through their online community at https://www.balletbeautiful.com/. This channel is mainly used as advertisement but can still be useful for switching up exercises in your classes and staying up-to-date on the new classes provided through this platform.

Content Includes:

  • Ballet Glossary
  • Stretch and take Ballet classes
  • Short Ballet Exercise Clips
  • Break down movements/ Glossary Videos
  • Short Informational Clips

#8- Nationale Opera & Ballet - 63.5k Subscribers

This channel not only highlights the Dutch National Ballet through footage filmed and directed all over the world, but also provides a series of at-home ballet training. Subscribe to this channel for traditional ballet technique and learn about the Opera world and what they have to offer when it comes to Ballet.

Content Includes:

#9- Maria Khoreva - 61 k Subscribers

With new videos uploaded every week from ballet workouts and exercises to strengthen your ballet technique, learn traditional Russian ballet with Maria Khoreva. You can her follow along in her class videos and stay fit while continuing to grow strong. Bring her technique into your classes or set a weekly schedule where you learn everything you can from this polished professional Russian ballet dancer and soloist of the Mariinsky Ballet. You can follow her on Instagram @marachok for more!

Content Includes:

  • Workout videos
  • Pilates videos
  • Stretch and Conditioning videos
  • Ballet Barre follow along
  • Variation and performance clips
ballet leotard

#10- Chace Dance Company - 43.6 k Subscribers

Multiple Weekly Videos from fundamentals to advanced levels of acrobatics, and ballet. Chace Dance Company really focuses on their students at a beginner level to help them grow into the strongest movers they can. A channel providing insight on how "pre lessons" and fundamentals work, in order to progress into the more advanced levels. This content can be used best for research if you are an instructor of ether acrobatics, ballet or pointe.

Content Includes:

  • Pre Acro Lessons
  • Pre Baller Lessons
  • Fundamental Lessons
  • Ballet at Home Workout
  • Creative Movement
  • Pointe Lessons

The first step to any research, is doing it. Take a look at the videos provided on these accounts and get inspired right now. 

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