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Up until the 1960s, ballet dancewear consisted of playsuits and dresses with little to no stretch and give. It was at this time that leotard became more than just a uniform for gymnasts and circus folk. 

Of course, the design and materials of both women's and girl's ballet dancewear have come a long way since then. With beautiful embellishments and high stretch fabrics now featured as the norm in dance classes, it can be easy to forget the purpose of these leotards in the first place.

When it comes to ballet and dancewear, the dancer's form, safety, and even success are on the line when the teacher can't observe the movements of the body with ease. But can dancewear be both functional and comfortable?

The answer is yes! Follow along to discover the benefits of a cotton leotard and why you should choose this material for your ballet dancewear needs. 


Most ballet dancewear brands use high fabrics such as spandex for their leotards. This ultra-stretchy feel is great for range of motion and a snug fit, however, the leotard itself can be rather uncomfortable. Whether you're dealing with the bottom riding up or the top chafing your neck as you move, it can be quite difficult to focus when tugging and pulling at your outfit.

Cotton on the other hand is a much softer material. While there may not be as much stretch to the bodice, the smooth fabric still allows for accurate visibility for the teacher. On top of this, the slightly looser fit can help prevent riding up and gathering during movement and chafing is far less likely to occur.

Cotton also provides an incredibly lightweight feel for your adult ballet dancewear, making it easier to get into, move in, and stay cool through an exhausting rehearsal. 


Because your leotard is under constant stress, it's important to choose a material that will hold up. Constant pulling, sweat, and repeated washes can break down the stretch and color of your leotards and can make them ineffective or even embarrassing to wear. 

Cotton is one of the most durable fabrics you can choose when it comes to wear and wash resistance. Because the material is natural and light, you won't experience nearly as much fading, ripping, or overall signs of wear. 

Many materials become more brittle and fragile when wet. For dancers, this is simply not an option. With sweaty rehearsals and flexible movements, having your sleeve seam open up because of a damp surface is distracting and irritating. You'll need to trust that your leotard will hold up, even in the most strenuous classes so you can keep focus and improve. 

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Breathability in activewear is incredibly important. The clothing that you wear while dancing will be facing more sweat and stress than any other items in your closet. To keep up, you'll need ballet dancewear that keeps the moisture off of your skin and allows air to flow through.

The breathability of cotton can help keep you cool when your heart rate is high by regulating that airflow and pulling away sweat. 

When it comes to your feminine health, this breathability is a game-changer. Similar to your underwear, your leotard will be sitting tight to your skin. If your gear allows for moisture to gather and sit, this can be a formula for unwanted bacteria growth. Using cotton ensures that your feminine areas won't have a moisture buildup from the activity. 

This can reduce your chance of infection and keep you out on the dance floor in good health for your entire season. 

Easy Care

As we've already mentioned, your leotard is exposed to its fair share of sweat and skin particles. To keep your body healthy and fresh, you'll need to wash your ballet dancewear on a regular basis. Of course, this can be difficult when your leotards are hand-wash only or require special care. 

Fortunately, cotton is one of the easiest fabrics to care for and wash. Because of that excellent durability that we mentioned earlier, you can rest assured knowing that your cotton dancewear will come out looking fresh and new for longer. 

The material is far less likely to take on color bleeding from other clothing, making it simple to fit in with your regular wash. You'll also notice that odors and stains do not cling to the fabric as they do in other options, so you won't have to deal with stinky garments and embarrassing stains impacting you or your little dancer's confidence.


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Got sensitive skin? No problem. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, making it a great option for dancers with delicate skin. The material is more resistant to bacteria and allergens, making it so they can't set up camp in your favorite apparel. 

For those who struggle with allergies, cotton is the best choice for keeping the dance floor sneeze-free and your airways open and ready to exercise. 

If you experience rashes and itchy skin from your existing dancewear, it's time to give cotton a try. 

Choosing the Best Cotton Ballet Dancewear 

From increased comfort in class to healthier feminine hygiene, it's no question that cotton ballet dancewear is the perfect option for every dancer. With an easy to wash and durable fabric, you'll love the way these soft outfits outlast the competition.

Want to experience these cotton benefits for your junior dancer? Shop our selection of high-quality ballet dancewear today and get your hands on the best girl's ballet leotards available. 

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