how much are ballet pointe shoes

How Much Are Ballet Shoes?

One of the biggest questions you'll have before joining a ballet class is likely to be, "how much are ballet pointe shoes?" Get your answer in this guide!
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How Many Dance Classes Should Take

How Many Dance Classes Should My 5-Year-Old Take?

Are you thinking of getting your five-year-old started with dancing? Read on to see our recommendations.

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Right Ballet Shoes

How to Choose the Right Ballet Shoes for Your Child

In ballet, the shoes you have can make a huge difference. This guide explains how to choose the right ballet shoes for your child

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Comparing Gymnastics and Dance

Comparing Gymnastics and Dance: Which is Best For Your Child?

Choosing the best activity for kids is an important decision, one that could ignite a lifelong passion in the sport. Compare these two options for your child
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Crafting with kids

5 Crafts and Activities to Do With Your Kids Together

Do you want to spend "quality time" with your kids? Activities they'll love, and you'll enjoy along with them? Then check out these craft and activity ideas.
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best ballet music for kids

A Complete Guide to the Best Ballet Music for Kids

Music is an essential component of any ballet class. Build the perfect playlist with this guide to the best ballet music for kids.
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types of kids dance

5 Types of Dance Your Kids Should Try That Isn't Ballet

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motivate your kids to be a better dancer

Dance Tips: How to Motivate a Young Dancer to Not Quit in Just 3 Steps!

Dancing can be hard at times and your child may be tempted to quit. Read more about dance tips that will motivate your child and inspire them to keep dancing.
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Great Ballet Books for Kids

9 Great Ballet Books for Kids

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first ballet class for kids

Ballet for Kids: What To Expect for Your Child's First Class

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benefits of cotton leotards

The Benefits of Cotton Ballet Leotards

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ballerina Christmas gift guide

Christmas Gift Guide for your Ballerina

Shopping for the holidays can be stressful, which is why we have created a Christmas gift guide for your ballerina.
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