Christmas Gift Guide for your Ballerina


As the Holidays approach, and Christmas list starts to add it up, it is difficult deciding where to begin. Do you go straight to the mall? Do you start at the discount sections? Maybe this year you are strictly shopping online. Regardless of how many family members you have, the expectation is that everyone is getting at least one to two gifts for Christmas. Including your dog! Your little ballerina is no exception; finding gifts that will make her sparkle and shine as the performer she is. 

 When it comes to shopping for kids, you mostly have to focus on the main event. What is the biggest hope or dream they have in that moment? However, shopping for dancers is a whole other world and I will be sharing some items that may spark your interest as a parent and gift shopper. 

For starters, every ballerina needs a new outfit after Christmas break. Most of the dancers in class will be rocking their new leotard, shoes and even customized bags. At Stelle world, we offer all the pieces needed to complete the ballet look. From dresses to leotards, and dress shoes to jazz shoes, there are a handful of options for your little ballerina to feel special during the Christmas season. Nothing compares to the feeling you get strutting your new holidays gifts in class at the beginning of the New Year. I have compiled a list of gift options to consider for your dancer this year below. Take a look!

Ballet Starter Kit

Ballet starter kit

The Girls Starter ballet kit is all your ballerina needs for a dance class, aside from the shoes. It includes a leotard, a wrap around skirt and a pair of tights. This kit comes in either pink or black, which are great options for ballet and jazz. For an affordable price you are covered in multiple areas, and they also double as a back up outfit if you order one in each color. This starter kit will be needed before you know it. Your dancer has options for her first outfit on the first day back in class. After all, you can’t go wrong with a ballet outfit. It is simple, practical, and will bring a huge smile to your ballerina.


Girls Glitter Mary Jane Low Heel Shoes 

Girls Glitter Mary Jane Low Heel Shoes

Every little girl deserves a princess's dream. One symbol of being a princess is the shoes! Preferably ones with glitter. Our Glitter Mary Jane Low Heel Shoes have elegant design and top quality craftsmanship. Your dancer can walk around all of the time feeling as fancy as she wants to feel. These shoes are available in four colors, which are great for matching any dress and attending that Christmas Eve party or family dinner. With these shoes, your ballerina will be over the moon and will want to wear them today and the next day until your family puts away those Christmas decorations.

Girls Long Sleeve A-Line Twirly Dress   


Now that you have the shoes, how about completing the look with a dress? Every little girl needs a twirly dress that they can wear whenever there is a special occasion like playing dress up, or attending grandma’s birthday dinner. With the shoes in hand, this long sleeve a-line twirly dress is exactly what you need to have the elegant Christmas look for your ballerina. This cotton dress has white lining to ensure comfortable wear and comes in 5 colors: green, white, red, purple, and turquoise. The Long sleeve covers the arms nice and snug, to protect from cold weather, and the A-line shape allows your dancer to run around freely during your holiday engagements. Enjoy your family and friends company as your little ballerina twirls under the Christmas lights while she shows off her sparkly shoes and impressive ballet skills. 


Girls Performance Yoga Tights

Girl's Performance Yoga Tights

Daughters want to be just like their mothers, especially when they are little. If mom has a pair of yoga tights, you better believe that mini me also wants to look just as cool as her mom does. Stelle world has yoga tights for both kids and adults, and with winter just around the corner, ordering a pair or two of performance yoga tights will be helpful covering the legs from the cold weather. They can be slipped on over ballet tights or bare legs, and you can use the leggings in other dance classes or casually running errands with mom. These leggings are not only comfortable, but also warm, and having a cute matching outfit with your little one is a win, win!


Dance Drawstring Bag

Dance Drawstring Bag

Organization when it comes to kids is so tricky. Losing things and constantly trying to find missing items can feel like an endless battle. With all of the clothes, shoes, snacks, water bottles, hair pins and ties, your dancer should have a safe place to easily carry and contain these items to and from dance class. With Stelle World’s Drawstring Bag, feel comfortable knowing that your child will return with everything she brought with her; hopefully with everything still intact! This oxford style bag comes with high-capacity space and two pockets for carrying a water bottle on the outside. You are able to keep your items dry, away from your water bottle and adjust the straps to fight on your back. This is perfect for Ballet, dance, camping, sports training, school, trip, and more. This bag is more than a practical dance bag.

Now that you have your ballerina Christmas Gift Guide, you can take care of gifts for all the tiny dancers in your family. Whether you have one ballerina or several, there is a perfect gift for each one and the appreciation will not go unnoticed. Being able to shine in dance class is a huge confident booster, and as a parent, it will feel amazing after tackling that giant Christmas list. 

Find all of your ballerina’s Christmas gifts at and take advantage of our free 3 – 5 day shipping service. Make holiday shopping a bit easier this year and make your ballerina smile for the rest of the year!


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