balance exercise to practice with kids

Balance Exercises to Practice for Your Little Ballerina

Here are some balance exercises to practice for your little ballerina. We've included instructions on proper form, as well as the benefits of each exercise.
April 28, 2023 — Stelle World
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beginner jazz

The Beginner's Guide to Jazz Dance

The origins of jazz music are still somewhat unknown. We do know that the first official jazz album was released in 1917 and that it was inspired by music from New Orleans...
March 14, 2023 — Stelle World
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Comparing Gymnastics and Dance

Comparing Gymnastics and Dance: Which is Best For Your Child?

Choosing the best activity for kids is an important decision, one that could ignite a lifelong passion in the sport. Compare these two options for your child
March 19, 2021 — Stelle World
types of kids dance

5 Types of Dance Your Kids Should Try That Isn't Ballet

February 21, 2021 — Stelle World
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motivate your kids to be a better dancer

Dance Tips: How to Motivate a Young Dancer to Not Quit in Just 3 Steps!

Dancing can be hard at times and your child may be tempted to quit. Read more about dance tips that will motivate your child and inspire them to keep dancing.
February 21, 2021 — Stelle World
classic ballet for kids

10 Classical Ballets Every Young Dancer Should Know

February 19, 2021 — Stelle World
Great Ballet Books for Kids

9 Great Ballet Books for Kids

February 14, 2021 — Stelle World
flexibility exercises for dancers

10 Top Stretches and Exercises to Improve Dance Flexibility

Dance flexibility is super important for all ballet dances, no matter their age. Here are a few simple flexibility exercises and stretches for dancers.
July 16, 2020 — Stelle World
Simple Ballet Positions

Simple Ballet Positions Your Child Can Practice at Home

June 03, 2020 — Stelle World
Keep Your Kids Dancing

How to Keep Your Kids Dancing During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Are your kids bored at home in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic? Here's how you can keep your kids dancing and entertained during the COVID-19 quarantine.
April 05, 2020 — Stelle World
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