What to Wear to Yoga

As of 2023, there are about 36 million Americans doing yoga. Roughly 80% of them are women.

Are you a woman who is interested in taking your first yoga class? If so, you'll need to figure out what to wear to yoga first. Putting together the perfect yoga outfit will get you even more excited than you already are to give yoga a try.

So, which yoga gear should you wear when you begin doing yoga? We're going to talk to you about what to wear to yoga class as well as what to wear to hot yoga today. It'll make it possible for you to start shopping for some of the best yoga gear in the business.

Here is what to wear to yoga once you start taking yoga classes on a regular basis.

Prime Tank Top Sports Bra

When you're trying to decide what to wear to yoga, the last thing you want to put on is a big, baggy shirt that's going to get in your way. You'll be so much better off with something like this Prime Tank Top Sports Bra.

Whether you pair it with high-waisted leggings or a pair of yoga shorts, it's going to provide you with the coverage you need without getting in the way. It also has removable pads in it that are guaranteed to keep their shape over time.

Capri Yoga Leggings

yoga wear

Just like you won't want to put on a baggy shirt to do yoga, you also won't want to put on baggy sweatpants to do it. It might restrict your movements and make you entirely too hot during a yoga class.

Instead, you should stock up on plenty of Capri Yoga Leggings. They're available in a wide range of colors and will complete just about any yoga look that you put together.

Since these Capri Yoga Leggings will only come down to your calf, they'll also prove to be perfect for both those trying to figure out what to wear to yoga and those who are shopping for what to wear to hot yoga.

Hot yoga is done in rooms that are 105 degrees Fahrenheit. But despite this, you should be able to keep cool in Capri Yoga Leggings.

Origin Sleeveless Workout Crop Top

Does the idea of doing yoga in a sports bra not appeal to you? Not to worry! There are also other tops you can put on to take a yoga class without having it take a toll on your ability to move around and remain comfortable.

The Origin Sleeveless Workout Crop Top is a great example of this. It'll provide a little bit more coverage than the Prime Tank Top Sports Bra without going too overboard.

As an added bonus, this crop top is also made out of moisture-wicking material that will keep you dry if you break a sweat while doing yoga. It could make it the ideal choice regardless of whether you plan to do traditional yoga or hot yoga.

Origin Sleeveless Workout Crop Top

High Waisted Yoga Leggings

If you'd like to invest in leggings that cover up more than the Capri Yoga Leggings, the High Waisted Yoga Leggings might be more your speed. You can pull them up past your belly button and have them go all the way down to your ankles.

These yoga leggings will be both non-see-through and completely squat-proof. They even have pockets that you can use to hold things like your smartphone just in case you don't have anywhere else to put it.

Seamless Long Sleeve Top

If you're going to be doing hot yoga, you might not want to show up for a class with long sleeves on. But if you're someone who is often cold, the Seamless Long Sleeve Top can help you stay warm during a traditional yoga class.

This top is constructed out of a four-way stretchy fabric that will allow you to move with ease. It's also moisture-wicking and is very lightweight without being see-through in the slightest.

Essential High Waisted Yoga Shorts

The different yoga leggings that we've suggested thus far are going to work great in traditional yoga classes. But if you're going to be stepping into hot yoga classes early and often, the Essential High Waisted Yoga Shorts might be a much better fit.

These shorts might make you feel like you don't have anything on at all, even though they'll provide plenty of coverage and won't be see-through. They'll also offer up plenty of support despite being so lightweight and thin.

Longline Sports Bra

The Longline Sports Bra falls somewhere in between a traditional sports bra and a crop top. It's going to feel like you have on a sports bra when you're wearing it without showing off too much skin.

This makes it perfect for low- to medium-impact workouts like yoga and even hot yoga. It contains moisture-wicking materials that will cool you off no matter how much you might sweat.

Charge Running Shorts

The yoga shorts that we mentioned a moment ago will come down to around your knees. If you'd like shorts that are a tad bit shorter than that, the Charge Running Shorts might work wonders for you.

These shorts can be used for more than just running and walking. They're also going to be a great choice for hot yoga since they'll help keep you cool while you're getting a workout in.

Charge Running Shorts

Do You Wear Shoes for Yoga

In traditional yoga, practitioners do not wear shoes, and there are compelling reasons behind this choice. Going barefoot fosters a deep connection to the earth, a foundational element in many yoga poses. This also offers the benefit of a firmer grip on the yoga mat, reducing the risk of slipping.

Practicing without shoes also contributes to strengthening foot muscles, enhancing flexibility, and providing greater sensory feedback. This sensory connection can notably boost balance, posture, and overall mindfulness during sessions.

While some might choose yoga-specific footwear or grip-socks for outdoor sessions or due to specific foot concerns, the indoor practice largely celebrates and benefits from the barefoot tradition.

Now That You Know What to Wear to Yoga, Start Shopping

Trying to decide what to wear to yoga shouldn't be a difficult decision. As you can see here, there are so many different yoga outfits that you can put on for your yoga classes.

Stelle World can help you get your hands on all the yoga gear you'll need for your yoga and hot yoga classes. You'll be able to make the most of every single yoga class you take from now on when you wear our clothing to them.

Shop our women of the items that we sell for yoga.

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