A lot of folks are first intimidated by Pilates, but once they get into it, they get addicted like never before! This is because it's a great workout, builds a solid foundation for your core, and tones up every muscle in your body (even ones you didn't know you had).

No matter if you're a seasoned Pilates enthusiast or a beginner looking to try it out, selecting the right workout attire is essential for comfortable and effective practice.

In this guide, we'll explore the key factors to consider when choosing what to wear to Pilates class, so you can enhance your performance and ensure you look and feel your best during your sessions.

Comfort is Key

Comfort is the top priority when it comes to Pilates attire. Since Pilates involves a wide range of movements, including stretching, bending, and twisting, you'll want clothing that allows for unrestricted mobility.

You are not foolish enough to wear jeans or cargo pants to a workout in any case. But avoid anything too restrictive.

Opt for breathable and stretchy fabrics like cotton blends or moisture-wicking materials that keep you dry and comfortable throughout your workout. Make sure to wear these outfits once or twice at home before wearing them to a Pilates workout, so you know how much movement you can have.workout outfits

Choose the Right Top

For your upper body, a form-fitting tank top, sports bra, or fitted T-shirt is an excellent choice. These options provide support, keep you cool, and allow your instructor to see your alignment and form.

Look for tops with moisture-wicking properties to keep sweat at bay during your Pilates practice. Until you are more comfortable with Pilates, avoid bra tops that are too revealing. You don't want the little ladies to pop out while you are doing a strenuous Pilates move.

Bottoms That Move with You

When it comes to bottoms, Pilates offers versatility. Most people prefer leggings or capris made from stretchy materials like Lycra or Spandex (check out buttery soft leggings from Stelle).

These provide a snug fit without restricting movement. Avoid baggy pants or shorts that can ride up during exercise, as they may interfere with your practice.

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Stay Covered

While comfort and mobility are vital, it's also essential to choose Pilates attire that provides adequate coverage. This means no see-through fabrics or overly revealing clothing. You want to feel confident and focused during your Pilates session without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions.

Supportive Undergarments

Invest in a well-fitting sports bra that provides the right level of support for your body. Proper support is crucial during Pilates, as it involves various movements that can put a strain on the chest area. A sports bra with moisture-wicking properties is a bonus.

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Layers for Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs

Pilates often includes warm-up and cool-down exercises. Consider layering with a lightweight, long-sleeve top or a zip-up jacket that you can easily remove as your body temperature rises.

Layering allows you to adapt to changing conditions during your workout. This is even more true if you are going to a Hot Pilates class (yes, there is such a thing). In this case, you might start out feeling a bit nippy, but then become warm as the workout gets underway and the room becomes hotter.

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Do You Wear Shoes for Pilates?

Unlike other forms of exercise, Pilates is typically done barefoot or with grip socks. There are some really cute grip socks on the market with lace and straps, so go and find something that works with the rest of your outfit.

Barefoot practice helps you connect with the floor and maintain better balance. If you prefer to wear socks, choose Pilates-specific grip socks with rubberized soles. These provide traction and stability while protecting your feet.

Mindful Accessories

Minimalism is key in Pilates. So avoid wearing excessive accessories that could get in the way or cause distractions during your practice.

Opt for simple and non-dangling jewelry. If you have long hair, secure it in a ponytail or bun to keep it out of your face.

Color Choices

While color may seem like a minor consideration, choosing the right colors can impact your mindset during your Pilates practice.

Bright and cheerful colors can help boost your mood and motivation, while darker hues may promote relaxation and focus. Select colors that resonate with your personal style and the atmosphere you want to create during your workouts.

Make sure if you are going to wear all-white that it isn't the kind of fabric that becomes see-through once it gets soaked with sweat. A practice run at home might be essential here.yoga outfits

Consider the Studio Environment

If you're taking group Pilates classes at a studio, consider the studio's specific dress code or recommendations. Some studios may have guidelines regarding attire, while others may encourage individual expression.

Understanding the studio environment can help you feel more comfortable and confident during your sessions. You can call them beforehand to make sure there are no rules about wearing this or that.

Post-Practice Comfort

After your Pilates session, having a comfortable and cozy outfit to change into is essential. Think about what you'll wear post-practice, whether it's a loose-fitting dress, comfortable loungewear, or casual activewear. It's all about transitioning from your workout to the rest of your day with ease

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Quality Over Quantity

Invest in quality Pilates outfits that can withstand the demands of your practice. While high-quality activewear may come with a higher price tag, it tends to be more durable, comfortable, and moisture-wicking. This ensures that it lasts longer and provides better value in the long run.

What to Wear to Pilates Class-It's All About Trial and Error

When you first start thinking about Pilates attire, you might be a bit confused by all the options. But once you go to class and notice what others are wearing, you will get inspiration on what to wear and what to avoid.

If you are still searching for what to wear to Pilates Reformer, check out Stelle's online catalog of crop tops and leggings. Our seamless collection of tops and leggings would also be a great one to add to your Pilates outfit stock.

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