The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused dance schools around the world to close down with little to no notice for the dancing families. For some little ones, these dance classes are the one thing that they look forward to each week. Dance gives your little ones the chance to express themselves, learn, grow, and have fun!

With all dance classes canceled until further notice, your tiny dancers might be going stir crazy kept inside with no dance studio to let loose in. It's times like these when we need to keep kids dancing. Just because there's no studio to visit doesn't mean there's no dancing to be done.

Kids can enjoy dancing at home with their families during the quarantine. Not only will dancing at home help keep them busy, but it'll also help keep them on track so they can return to dance school with ease. Even if your little ones aren't dancers yet, they'll soon come to love the sport.

Continue reading below to learn how to keep your kids dancing and having fun during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Have Them Set Their Own Goals

Allow you little ones to set their own dance goals. This is something that can be done with all ages. Talk to your young dancers about what they'd like to conquer in dance for the day or for the week.

If your little ones feel pressured into completing different dance exercises, then they might not be as motivated. Let them make their own decisions about what goals they want to meet and be sure you encourage them along the way.

At-home dance practice is a great time to focus on competing with oneself rather than other dancers.

Top 5 Kids Ballet YouTube Channels to Follow

Watching performances is another great way to keep your children engaged in dancing. These videos are a great way to connect with other dancers and become inspired. After watching some videos online, your children can then try to mimic the moves themselves. These ballet stances are easy for even children to learn. Toddlers will benefit from short sessions, learning one or two movements at a time. Older ballerinas can focus on practicing technique.

Remember to keep it fun!
Need a visual? YouTube is full of online lessons from ballerinas and dance teachers. Here are some of our favorites.

Daniella Ballerina

Daniella Bebb brings a whimsical approach to her online class. The bright colors and animated characters are perfect for young imaginations. She introduces ballet terms and basic stances through songs and games.

LilyKate Ballet School

Kimberly's classes are aimed for children aged four to seven. Visit her studio from the comforts of home and follow along as she teaches technique. Another channel for tiny ballerinas. Children will dance along to familiar songs like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "ABC".

Miss Auti

Long onto Auti Kamal's channel for stretches, pirouette tips, and even whole routines. Want to branch out from ballet? She also teaches contemporary, jazz, and hip hop.

Abbey Wyrrick

Abbey teaches online ballet classes during the COVID-19 quarantine. Notice that she dances in her kitchen, using the counter as her barre. Be sure to watch these amazing dance videos with your children to give them dance visuals.

Participate in Daily Stretches Together

When your children experience long breaks between their dancing, they can lose some flexibility. To ensure their bodies stay prepared for dance, you can participate in daily stretches with them. It's great for your little dancers, and it's also great for you too.

Good stretches for young dancers can be found on the dance YouTube videos or by asking your children's dance teachers. Take time out of each day to stretch with your tiny dancers to help keep their dance moves perfect.

Create an At-Home Dance Space

If there's no laid-out space for your tiny dancers, then the environment might not feel like a place for dance. If you can create an at-home dance space for them, then it'll provide the atmosphere they need to succeed daily.

The dance space doesn't need to take up an entire room, although this would be wonderful if you have space for it. Otherwise, dedicate one corner or one section of a room for your dancers. This will give them a dedicated space where they can go to and be in their dancing element.

If possible, be sure to provide a few dance equipment including a full-length mirror, a ballet barre, ballet shoes and wardrobe, and dance flooring. The more that you can provide in this dance space, the more it'll feel like a normal dance studio for them.

Classic Canvas Ballet Shoes

Small Dance Practice Intervals

When having your children practice dance while at home, let them practice in small intervals. One or two 10-15 minutes practices will work great. When the timer is up, allow your children to continue dancing if they desire it, but don't force it.

You don't want their dance time to feel like a chore. Instead, you want this time to be enjoyable and fun.

Reward Them for Great Practices

After finishing a practice, be sure to reward them. Think about a few things that your children love most. This might be stickers, more time on an electronic device, or something else.

Reward them with their favorite treat after completing each dance session or practice. They've worked hard to keep up those moves and keep you impressed, so you'll want to show them how proud you are of them. Don't forget to provide them with lots of water as well.

Know What to Practice

If your children aren't currently in dance school, then you can have them practice dance in whatever way they'd like to as long as they have fun. If your children are enrolled in dance school, but the school is temporarily closed, then consider asking their dance teacher about what they should be practicing.

Their dance teacher will give you a few good ideas of what to have your children practice, and you can throw in a few of your children's own ideas as well.

With Kids Dancing Regularly, the Quarantine Doesn't Have to be Boring!

Being stuck inside can become quite boring, but with kids dancing each day, the excitement is kept alive. Use their dance practice as a time to get exercise and have fun.

Don't hesitate to join in on the fun yourself and let them teach you a few things!
Are you ready to get your at-home dancing started but still need a few things?
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