Ballet Dance Toe Pads Soft Gel

  • Size Information:
  • - Light Pink color (Thin): Small: Forefoot circumference 5.1''-5.9''; Medium: Forefoot circumference 5.9''-6.7''; Large: Forefoot circumference 6.7''-8.3''.
  • - Peach Color (Medium thickness): One size fits forefoot circumference 5.5''-9''. Please measure the circumference of the widest part of the ball of the foot, as shown in the picture. Note that the two styles are not the same size.
Please note that the two colors have different materials and textures. The Light Pink Toe Cover features a cotton fabric exterior for anti-slip grip and a gel interior that provides comfortable cushioning. The Peach Color Toe Pad is made of silica gel without a cotton cover. It has a soft gel texture that directly contacts the skin, ensuring a better fit and enhanced toe protection. The breathable hole design allows for proper ventilation and keeps your feet dry.

Our Soft Toe Pad Cushioning Protector offers instant cushioning protection, reducing friction and foot pain caused by running shoes, dancing shoes, blisters, and bunions.

Toe Pouch Design:
Featuring a crescent-shaped pad and an arc motion design, our toe pads are suitable for all foot types. The toe pad has the same thickness on both sides, making it perfect for ballet dancers to protect their feet inside pointe shoes.

These toe pads are perfect for runners, ballet dancers, hikers, and any activity where boots may cause friction and feet require cushioning. They are also ideal for high heel shoes and normal shoes, providing protection against foot pressure.

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