benefits of ballet

Once you reach adulthood, there are a million things you’d rather be doing than donning shiny Lycra and sweating it out to bass-heavy dance tracks. But dancing is great for your body, and there are much more relaxed (and less intimidating!) ways to keep active and get your heart rate up, without the humiliation.

Ballet is a great way to get into dance and fitness, without having to embarrassingly gyrate in Zumba or get your strut on in Salsa. It might surprise you when you work up a sweat in the studio, but your body is actually doing a lot. Low impact cardio combined with muscle toning and lengthening will give your body a lot to work with, without putting it under too much stress. We’re going to give you a rundown on why ballet makes a great workout.

Tone and lengthen muscles

Ballet class targets a lot of large muscle groups in the body. It’s not all legs and feet, you know! You’ll be working on your abs, arms, and back as you concentrate on poise and positioning, and doing a series of repetitions to really get those muscles going.

Improve posture

    We’ve all seen the elegance and perfect poise of professional ballet dancers. Ballet is all about keeping your shoulders back, chin up, and neck elongated. Being aware of your body’s position and movements in ballet can carry through into your everyday life, reducing that hunch you’ve been meaning to work on.

    Increase your flexibility

      Flexibility takes practice. Through continual stretching and rehearsal, your muscles will get used to all these new movements and be able to push further than ever before!


      Keep your brain in check

        When you dance, it’s impossible to just zone out. Ballet requires your undivided attention, as you’ll need to be concentrating on performing the moves correctly, what comes next, and keeping up with your teacher or the rest of the class. Exercise the mind as you focus on your body, and you might just see an improvement in your attention span over time. Some studies even suggest that dance could reduce your risk of dementia!


        Tank Top Tutu Dress Leotard


        Get social

          It can be pretty daunting signing up to a ballet class when you haven’t squeezed into leotard and tights since your primary school years, but we promise that it’s not as intimidating as it might seem. There are tons of beginner ballet classes that you can sign up to, with a relaxed environment and not a tutu in sight. Actually, it’s a really fun activity to do with your friends, and with everyone being in the same boat (nerves, nerves, and more nerves!). It’s easy to make friends and get a laugh out of your pliés and allegros. Throw on some leggings and socks, and you’re ready to go spend a fun hour with some like-minded people in the dance studio!


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