Rainy Day Toddler Activities

How much does your toddler know about rain? Here are some fun facts to entertain them.

First, when a raindrop hits the ground in slow motion, it resembles a hamburger. Second, one inch of rain equals 13 inches of snow.

As interesting as science facts can be, it doesn’t compare to how toddlers feel when they cannot go to the local park and play outside because it is raining. However, these days are when you can be a hero, with a few fantastic rainy day toddler activities ready to go.

Here is how you and your little buddy can chase the rainy day blues away.

1. Build a Fort

Build a Fort

There are many indoor activities to accommodate the energy of a toddler! Whether raining or sunny, they love creating and playing in a self-made fort. You can use the cushions from the couch, a small table, a big blanket, a bed sheet, and anything else you have nearby.

Toddlers will happily take their snacks inside or bring some paper and crayons. Anything is more fun in your very own fort!

2. Handprints and Footprints

Handprints and Footprints

This is an all-time favorite for toddler-friendly activities. They make great keepsakes and brilliant gifts to grandparents and loved ones. There are a couple of ways you can make them too.

The simplest way is with paper and washable paint. You can have your kids make a few of them and turn them into fun animals with paint or crayons. A handprint can turn into a turkey, a dinosaur, and even an extravagant tree.

Another option is to bake dough with a handprint. You only need one cup of salt, two cups of flour, and one cup of water to make the dough. After you arrange a flat circle and have your little one’s handprint created, bake at 200 degrees for three hours or so, just until it dries.

Once it's dry, you can paint it and add a ribbon to hang it as a wall decoration or ornament.

3. Create a Marching Band

When organizing activities for toddlers, this is not the quietest. Still, it makes for a ton of entertainment. Grab your pots, pans, and wooden spoons.

March around the living room together and create your beat. Try different beats. You could even play something, and ask your child to mimic what you just did.

Even if they can't seem to coordinate the sound just right, it will give you both a warm smile.

4. Ballet Dance Party

ballet dance party

Dancing and music are popular hobbies for children. You can combine these and throw a ballet dance party with friends on a rainy day. In this festivity, you will have a brief warm-up and do a few basic exercises.

Then, there is a lesson and technique. If you are not an expert in ballet, that is okay! Look for a good YouTube instructional video to help when you are at home.

One of the funniest parts of a ballet dance party is dressing up for the part. What child doesn't love dressing up? For motivation, check out these fabulous ballet tutus from Stelle.

After a tutorial, play some fun dance songs and grab some props. Anything you have will do. Toddlers can use bells, scarves, ribbons, and more.

5. Freeze Dance

If your child needs to get out their “sillies,” this is a surefire way to get the job done. It’s completely spontaneous.

Find a groovy song that your toddler loves and play it. While it plays, they can dance, or you can be more specific. You can suggest your toddler stand on one leg or hop up and down.

When the music stops, your toddler should stop. Even if they are hopping, you can tell them to freeze in the middle of their hop! You’ll engage in a lot of laughter with this amazing toddler activity.

6. Have an Indoor Picnic

Indoor Picnic

You don’t need to be on the grass to enjoy a lovely picnic with your toddler. You only need a blanket on the living room floor and some good food.

Although you may not need to travel far, you can still put everything in a basket. Ask your little one to take out the contents and arrange it neatly. Take some pictures of the arrangement and a selfie or two.

It’s not about your surroundings. The best part of any epic picnic is the company you are with.

7. Crayon Sorting

This is a fun activity that will also teach matching skills and get your school supplies organized. Make it a challenge, even a race to the finish!

Place cups and label each with a color that belongs in it. Ask your child to place the colored crayon in its corresponding cup. The winner takes all.

Think of a creative prize for your little champion. Even a special treat, like popcorn or ice cream, will be well received.

Rainy Day Toddler Activities

It's a unique opportunity to create memories. Such moments are precious and will live with them for a lifetime.

Don’t let mother nature “rain on your parade.” Keep trucking along with these rainy day toddler activities that are guaranteed to be a blast.

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