Q1: First Moments of Love: What thoughts and emotions flooded your mind the first time you held your baby after delivery?

I first became a mom 27 years ago. I will never forget the moment they put my baby boy, Blake, in my arms after delivering him. I was instantly in love and thought he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I loved to just sit and hold him and just look at him and smile for hours.
Our second son, Brooks, was born with a heart defect so I didn’t get to hold him just after birth as he was rushed away to the nicu. It was hours later I would finally get to see him and of course I was in love with him right away but so scared of what was to come.

Our third son, Brett, was nice and healthy and really fit in the family as our baby! At that moment we truly thought he completed our little family of 5.

But God had a different plan.

When we met our oldest daughter, Paige, she was our great niece. I fell in love with that tiny little 5lb baby instantly, having no idea that one day she would be our daughter.

I first met Brooklyn at 3 weeks old. So sweet and she just opened her eyes and looked at me. I will never forget those big blue eyes looking up at me. I had no idea I would be her mom someday, just her Auntie.

The day we adopted Paige and Brooklyn was such a proud day. We had fostered them for 2.5 years and the day had finally come to be their forever mom. They were 3.5 and almost 5 years old. Seeing their smiles and knowing that I could now keep them safe was so life changing and such a blessing!

The day we met Ava we got a call to foster a 13 day old baby. We arrived and they handed me this tiny baby girl with so much beautiful dark hair. We were all Instantly in love with her not knowing at all what her future may hold. After 2 years, she became our forever baby girl.

I have to say birthing your own baby is such an amazing experience, but the day you adopt your kids is equally amazing!

Q2.Embracing Motherhood: What aspects of being a mom do you cherish the most?

I always cherished those days/nights when my babies / toddlers would fall asleep in my arms.  They are all so beautiful asleep in my arms and safe.  I cherish those sweet moments when they say “I love you mommy” and “you're the best mommy ever” and those sweet faces when I hug and kiss them good night.  

I also cherish the little talks and special days with each of them one on one.  The things that they only share with Mommy. 


Q3.Unforgettable Bond: Can you share a special memory with your family that always brings a smile to your face?

One of my best family memories is the day of Ava’s adoption.  Seeing all 6 kids together and the big boys playing with the little girls.  The big boys love their little sisters so much and the girls look up to their big brothers.  

Then my son told me he wants to adopt someday too.  

Also the bond I have with Paige.  She’s 11 yet still loves to hold my hand everywhere we go and sit on my lap.  Though she’s 5’1” so quite big in my lap I love that she still wants to sit with mom. 


Q4.Treasured Gestures: Looking back on Mother’s Day, what gift stands out as the most heartfelt or meaningful to you?

One year all I asked was for a photo with all my kids.  The boys made sure I got one and made sure I was treated well for the day.  

The next year all 3 girls agreed to wear matching dresses with me.  They also wrote me little notes that said they would give mom a back massage, foot massage or do my hair.  


Q5.Nurturing Yourself: Juggling motherhood and self-care can be a handful. How do you carve out "me-time" and recharge during those precious moments alone?

To be honest, I am really bad at this.  I barely ever carve out time for myself.  We try to do a date night about every other month and try to get away for an overnight once a year.  

Here I am writing this with 2 kids sitting beside me. . . 


Q6.Personal Motto: Got a favorite mantra or quote that you live by or find comfort in?

Just breathe. . .

“Give it to God”

If it’s not the end of the world, let it go.  It’s not worth stressing over. 

Goals maybe for 2024 to take some time for myself!


Q7.Year's Excitement: What's got you buzzing this year? Any exciting plans or events you're eagerly looking forward to?

We have never been on a cruise and I have always wanted to go on one.  In November we and the girls will go on our first cruise to Mexico!  I can’t wait!  

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