Q1: First Moments of Love: What thoughts and emotions flooded your mind the first time you held your baby after delivery? 

Katelyn: When my babies were all born I was speechless. My heart was bursting with love and all I could think about was how much I loved these beautiful children and I was so thankful they were all delivered safe and healthy! All I wanted was to hold and shower them with kisses. 🤍


Q2.Embracing Motherhood: What aspects of being a mom do you cherish the most?


Katelyn: Nothing compares to the love you feel when your child chooses to hug you, kiss you, or say I love you. Those sweet innocent smiles when they are proud or simply happy because you are happy make every single worry go away. The natural bond that is built out of pure love is something I will never take for granted!

Q3.Unforgettable Bond: Can you share a special memory with your family that always brings a smile to your face?


Katelyn: After delivering my twin boys, my daughter was just shy of 2 years old. But the second we came home to her, my daughter’s sweet nature showed through and she instantly started to care and nurture and hold the boys as the most precious of baby dolls. To this day, the bond between the three of them is unbreakable! It is almost as if they are triplets. They compliment each other so well -I’ve never felt more content and at peace than when my husband and I can just gaze at them while they giggle and play.

4.Treasured Gestures: Looking back on Mother’s Day, what gift stands out as the most heartfelt or meaningful to you?

Katelyn: The Mother’s Day gifts that have meant the most to me are handwritten/homemade cards, and a ring that has three hearts - one for each child. I never take my ring off!


5.Nurturing Yourself: Juggling motherhood and self-care can be a handful. How do you carve out "me-time" and recharge during those precious moments alone?


Katelyn: Honestly, I think every mom will often struggle with carving out “me time”. As a type-A  person, I’ve been learning that I don’t need a full night or day to recharge. Sometimes just doing my nails in a dimly lit house, a 15 minute body movement, or coffee break is enough. Protecting your peace and acknowledging your emotions can do so much -especially for someone who has little to no alone time without carving out of sleep. And never underestimate how your diet can affect your emotional and physical health!!


6.Personal Motto: Got a favorite mantra or quote that you live by or find comfort in?

Katelyn: I try to keep in mind that you can’t control other people’s actions, but you can control how you react to them. (Kids included often.) I also try to remember to give myself grace and speak kindly. Give yourself the same grace and kindness that you would offer to other struggling mamas!


7.Year's Excitement: What's got you buzzing this year? Any exciting plans or events you're eagerly looking forward to?

Katelyn: I’m looking forward to just getting out of the house more, haha! I can’t wait to bring them all to the beach this summer, see them experience trying new things, and meet their twin girl cousins that are due soon. :)

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