Studies show that adults tend to focus on comfort above most other qualities in clothes. While durability is important, what good is a rugged outfit if it's uncomfortable to wear?

One of the best ways to ensure comfort is with leisurely outfits. But how can you stay up on the style trends while also highlighting your comfort above all else? One of the best ways to do this is by filling your closet with athleisure outfits.

If you're curious about athleisure clothing, we're here to offer our guidance. Read on for a thorough guide on following this style trend and keeping yourself cozy. We'll also highlight some of the smaller ideologies of athleisure and how to implement them.

What Is Athleisure?

Athleisure, as the name hints, marries two types of clothing. The style follows athletic wear while also focusing on leisurely wear.

Typical athletic clothing is normally streamlined for performance. You may wear athletic clothing to the gym, casual workouts, or similar events.

Leisurely clothing is sometimes meant more for casual indoor use. While some include pajamas and the like, leisurely clothes also include sweatpants, loose shirts, sandals, and other clothes that focus on comfort.

Some feel that leisurely clothing abandons style to maximize comfort. On the other hand, others feel that athletic clothing is rarely comfortable, though often stylish. Athleisure seeks to find the middle ground between the two.

Thereby, athleisure combines the two to have an athletic aesthetic while highlighting comfort.

Seasonal Changes

How does athleisure change as the year goes on?

Athleisure outfits, like all style trends, won't stay the same through the seasons. Here's how the changing months can affect your wardrobe.

womens leggings

Depending on where you live, spring may not be much cooler than summer. In some areas of the United States, like the Southern states or parts of the Midwest, temperatures may remain unchanged entirely.

As such, whatever works in summer will likely work in spring. You may be able to get away with an overshirt on some of the cooler days.

You can also start switching color schemes. Summer may have warmer tones, while spring may start veering toward "warm yet cool" tones. We're thinking light blues, soft greens, and other "Easter" shades.

pleated tennis skirt

Athleisure is at home in summer as the temperatures soar.

Most athletic clothing is made to help regulate body temperature. Baggier outfits are also great to give your body room to breathe.

Another great benefit is that athletic clothing is made to minimize sweating. If you're self-conscious of sweat marks in summer, athleisure fits can stop them from appearing and hide them if they do.

In summer, expect lighter clothing. Eschew the jacket and swap out the sneakers for sandals.

sun jacket

Once autumn hits, temperatures shift enough to create a different style in athleisure. Autumn is the ideal season for athleisure outfits. You can expect a surge in photo shoots of golden leaves and Starbucks drinks to hit social media.

Switch to longer pants on cooler days. Don't be afraid to take out your favorite light denim jacket.

Fall athleisure outfits also often use beanies or loose hats. We suggest matching our seamless long-sleeve tops with our pleated tennis skirt. This sleek minimalist design is available in eight colors to match your ideal outfit.

womens hoodie

If you live somewhere that has harsh winters, you might want to put the athleisure fits back in the closet for a few months. Athleisure doesn't focus on warmth, and if it's cold enough to snow, you'll regret a baggy tee and tight leggings.

However, some brands make warmth-focused compression clothes. These are ideal for cooler days, but they won't keep the snow out.

Winter athleisure outfits need to highlight warmth for safety. Our long-sleeve hooded top is perfect for this mindset.

Staying Warm in Athleisure

Warm athleisure clothes can feel difficult to find. most athletic clothes are made to help the body cool down rather than stay warm. As such, most of the fabric is breathable and chilly.

But there are plenty of ways to stay warm in an athleisure outfit.

One great thing to keep in mind is the use of accessories. If you expect it to be cold, you may want to bring an outerwear jacket.

Another way to stay warm is to emphasize oversized athletic clothing. Many people wear hoodies or sweatshirts to the gym to keep their body temperature up. Due to this, you can often find ways to fit such garments into an athleisure fit.

If you're set on athleisure for winter, look for thick sweatpants that can keep the breeze out. Consider mixing in a pair of gloves that match your outfit.

Cute Athleisure Outfits

With everything settled, how can you make a cute athleisure outfit?

You should break the outfit down into separate pieces. For your top, aim for something that's more form-fitting or leaves your midriff exposed. If this isn't comfortable, swing in the opposite direction and find something oversized.

Your shoes should always be close-toed, preferably sneakers. Your favorite pair of running sneakers or your usual gym footwear are ideal choices. Stick to black or white color schemes for the minimalist preferences of athleisure.

For your bottoms, look for clothes that would be ideal for running. Joggers or yoga pants are an ideal option, but far from the only things available.

Accessories should be kept light. Rings and bright bracelets don't match athleisure well but are useful if kept simple and minimalist. Large earrings, several clanging bracelets, or dangling piercings are often avoided in athleisure outfits.

With these guidelines in mind, here are some athleisure outfits to build around.

Athleisure Outfits for Work

Athleisure is great for the workplace. Most outfits fit into a casual or business-casual atmosphere if the right accessories are used. Many workplaces also let employees wear more casual outfits, making athleisure ideal.

Your first step is to see what's appropriate for work. For example, some workplaces may dictate certain types of footwear.

If you're working in food service, non-slip shoes are crucial. These shoes also fit well with athleisure, as they're typically black and often sneakers. You can match these with most athleisure outfits.

From there, you'll only need to match your outfit with your work environment. Do you work in an office? A light blouse with a thin jacket is great for staying warm in chilly offices.

Other workplaces may need adjustments to your outfit. Spend a few shifts workshopping your ideal outfit that maximizes comfort and work-appropriate attire.

Everyday Athleisure Outfits

What about when you aren't in the office? There are plenty of everyday athleisure outfits you can enjoy.

Our essential high-waisted yoga shorts come in several sizes and colors. The 8" option is perfect for any outfit that wants to maximize movement, comfort, and staying cool.

When cooler weather comes around, swap these pants out for warmer options. Our high-rise leggings keep the same comfort while covering more skin.

Intending to go out on a sunny day? Our sun protection hoodie is available in white, gray, or light gray. The over-the-hand sleeves help make sure as much of your torso as possible is guarded from the sun.

Overall, your everyday outfits will depend on the weather and your comfort. Do your best to have several outfits lined up so you can always pick the best option.

Athleisure Capsule Wardrobe

Looking to create a capsule wardrobe? Athleisure tends to mix and match clothes of the same style perfectly. Due to this versatility, you can easily create a capsule wardrobe without much thought.

For your capsule, aim for a variety of muted and cool colors with simple designs. We suggest:

  • A few crop-tops
  • Light, breathable shirts - white or tan are ideal
  • Long-sleeved button-ups that can be rolled up
  • Pants of varying lengths and waist styles in muted colors
  • Sneaker-style shoes or close-toed options
  • Minimal accessories, such as simple hats or winter gloves
  • Light jewelry, such as a pair of earrings or a necklace

Remember that athleisure best works when using minimalist styles. You won't want to fill your capsule wardrobe with bright colors or an abundance of accessories.

seamless tops


Athleisure Street Style

Athleisure street style is easier to pull off than most other street-themed styles. One of the best places to start is with oversized clothing. Street themes often emphasize larger jackets and baggy pants.

For shoes, sneakers and sports shoes are ideal. Basketball shoes are particularly popular in athleisure street aesthetics.

For accessories, look at beanies and loose caps. Chain-style necklaces and sunglasses are also excellent additions. Some handbags can match the style, but these can sometimes feel inconvenient.

The street style also allows a splash of color. Don't hesitate to bring more color than a normal athleisure aesthetic would allow.

Following Cozy Style Trends

Athleisure outfits marry the ideas of athletic style and leisurely comfort. Take stock of what clothing you feel comfortable wearing and think of what season your outfit will best match. Focus on comfort over style and do your best to keep to the minimalist themes.

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