Does your child love to dance? Do you see potential in her graceful steps? Then you need to cultivate those talents by enrolling your kid in a dance studio.

Children as young as three years old can enroll in a dance studio. Experts say that once children reach the age of three, they’re likely toilet trained. This means they don’t need to excuse themselves from class for a diaper change.

Furthermore, three-year-olds are more confident. Some also showcase signs of independence. However, these are not enough.

You need to find the best dance studio that will help bring out the best in your child. But how do you do so? What are the key factors to consider when choosing the right dance studio?

Continue reading below for the answers.

Dance Studio for Your Child

1. Determine Your Purpose

To find the best dance studio for your child, you must first establish the purpose of enrolling her. Are you looking to enroll your child with the long-term goal of having her join international competitions?

Do you simply want her to experience training in a dance studio? Or do you want her to enjoy, have fun, and nothing else that’s too serious? If your child wants to excel in her skills and compete, then go for a studio that offers intensive training. 

In answering these questions, you can narrow down your options. You can align your shortlist with your purpose. 

2. Determine a Budget

After determining your purpose, you can now come up with a budget. How much are you willing to spend on your child’s dance lessons? When setting up a budget, you need to determine how much you can afford on a monthly or annual basis.

Prices of dance studios differ depending on certain factors. The most established ones tend to charge higher. This is because of the reputation and honor that they carry. 

On the flip side, the relatively newer studios offer friendlier rates. The key is to stick to a budget as much as you can. Don’t force things by enrolling your child in a prestigious dance studio if the cost will severely affect your finances.

If you wish to enroll your child in a top-notch school, you can do so after a year or two.

3. Check the Quality of Dance Education

With the pandemic affecting dance studios worldwide, schools are changing the way they’re teaching students. Some conduct online lessons for their students.

But before enrolling your child in any dance school, you need to check the quality of the dance education. Generally, the skills and experience of the dance teacher play a major role.

This can be tricky considering that not all teachers have the same skill levels. This is where the syllabus comes into play. The instructors in a dance studio must follow a well-developed syllabus. 

This syllabus must come from dance education experts. Furthermore, it is best to look for dance studios where the teachers pursue continuing education and training. This will ensure that they are adept at the latest dance techniques and safety practices.

Also, find a studio that offers a variety of courses. This allows you to choose a class and schedule that will best align with your child’s requirements and preferences.

4. Know the Faculty

Next, you want to get to know the profiles of the instructors. Research on the faculty’s experience and track record. 

Are they veterans in dance education? Do they also perform and compete locally and internationally? You want to enroll your child in a studio where the instructors have ample knowledge of what they are teaching.

Also, find out if the teachers are excellent communicators. Taking ballet lessons, for example, comes with many benefits. But for your child to maximize these benefits, she needs to have teachers who can communicate well.

ballet instructor

5. Visit the Studio 

Another non-negotiable tip is to visit the dance studios for an ocular inspection. Though this may not be possible with the pandemic, you can do so once things begin to normalize. 

For starters, check the facility and see if it is clean and safe. Request a tour of the dressing rooms. Also, you want to check the type of flooring that they use. 

Some of the best dance studios use floating floors with marley covering.

Furthermore, check if the students have easy access to water. Examine the lighting and see if the students are getting the right amount of light.

Get a feel of the overall atmosphere inside the studio. Does it exude a positive vibe? 

7. Look at Sample Performances

Another important step is to check the content of the studios’ respective websites. Watch videos of their sample performances. These performances serve as their studio’s portfolio.

Check the choreography that they use during their performances. Are they appropriate for your child’s age? The same thing applies to the costumes.

8. Inquire About Placements and Progress Reports

Last but not least, ask about their policy on student placements. How are they going to assess your child? How are they going to determine the class they will place her?

Will your child receive feedback concerning her accomplishment and goal setting?

Find out if they are giving progress reports. Ask for the frequency of these reports, as they will help you track the development of your child.

Also, ask if the studio allows parents to observe their children during class. Some kids may not feel comfortable if they don’t have one of their parents watching.

Some studios use one-way mirrors to allow parents to see their children. Sometimes, they use live video, which they stream at the lobby.

Consider these small factors before deciding.


girls tutu leotard


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