About Us


Stelle is a dance label created by Cassie Y, a mom of three little girls. While shopping in the market for quality dance wear for the girls, Cassie was surprised and frustrated from the material dance wear companies use. None of them create simple dance wear for children that were even close to the quality and comfort she needed for her own kids.


Cassie designed and hand sew her first piece of the ballerina tutu out of 100% cotton (not ever seen in any Children’s dance labels!) in 2014. Had just finished her PhD in Bio Chemistry, Cassie decided to spend one year of deep research and find the best material in the market. She worked hard and compared hundreds of different types of cotton in the market. Launched in 2015 by Cassie Y, Stelle was born to design quality and affordable dance dresses, to help young girls achieve their ballerina dreams, and of course, never again having to wear any poor quality clothing.


Stelle operates with a mission of giving back. We are working with organizations that help underprivileged children in our local community (Northern California). Contact us if you work with young girls with clothing needs.


Stelle was first launched on Amazon and quickly sold one million pieces in just three years. With the love from Stelle customers at heart, Cassie and her team continue to work hard to ensure superb quality of the dance wear products while ethically pricing them. Follow @ilovestelle on Instagram and share your love as #stellegirls!


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