Kid's Leather Jazz Shoes

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Leather Jazz Shoes for Kids

  • Genuine imitation leather Upper: Soft and high-quality leather upper that is reliable, more breathable, and fits perfectly to your feet.
  • Cotton lining: good sweating, keeping your feet dry and Breathable.
  • Anti-skid soles: keep balance, not slipping when you dance.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: years of experience in dance shoe design and manufacturing.

Perfect dance jazz shoes for kids.

    Jazz shoes for kids size guide:
    measure from heel to toe
    8M Toddler--- 5 3/4''/14.6cm
    9M Toddler--- 6 1/8''/15.6cm
    10M Toddler--- 6 1/2''/16.5cm
    11M Little Kid--- 6 3/4''/17.1cm
    11.5M Little Kid--- 7''/17.8cm
    12M Little Kid--- 7 1/8''/18.1cm
    12.5M Little Kid--- 7 1/4''/18.4cm
    13M Little Kid--- 7 1/2''/19.1cm
    13.5M Little Kid--- 7 5/8''/19.4cm
    1M Little Kid--- 7 3/4''/19.7cm
    1.5M Little Kid--- 8''/20.3cm
    2M Little Kid--- 8 1/8''/20.6cm
    3M Little Kid--- 8 1/2''/21.6cm
    3.5M Big Kid--- 8 5/8''/21.9cm
    4M Big Kid--- 8 3/4''/22.2cm
    4.5M Big Kid--- 9''/22.9cm
    5M Big Kid--- 9 1/8''/23.2cm
    5.5M Big Kid--- 9 1/4''/23.5cm
    6M Big Kid--- 9 1/2''/24.1cm
    6.5M Big Kid--- 9 5/8''/24.4cm
    7M Big Kid--- 9 3/4''/24.8cm
    jazz dance shoes on feet
    How to find your size for jazz shoes

    1. Place your foot on a paper, measure when you are standing, wearing the socks or stockings you will wear with your new shoes.
    2. Measure the longest distance from heel to toe.
    3. Using the chart following, convert your inches measurement to your shoe size.
    4. Boys may need to order one or two sizes up.

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